It is happening. Remember when I told you about how my husband cleared a space for me to make my own? A place to write, and think, and pray, and dream. Well, I am writing from my new desk this very modesk space beforement. My heart is full. It is amazing how much a little piece of furniture can change your perspective. So many times in my life I struggle with “flat-lining.” I feel like there is nothing to feel, nothing bad necessarily but nothing good either. Just a case of the “blahs.” But I also notice that when I seem to need it most, God holds out His hand and says, “Here, will this help?” And he gives me a little gift. It could be a butterfly that comes out of nowhere, or a sky that is turning the most beautiful color of pink, or even an unexpected compliment from a complete stranger. God love to bless us, in big ways but I think He gets a special kind of pleasure out of the small ones. Today, for me, it is my desk. 🙂
This is the place that I will come to be still, to listen, to pray and to write. I practically laughed when we moved it into it’s spot and put the drawers in. I gasped and flung my hand over my mouth! It was even better than I imagined it would be. I love it so much! And my encouragement for you today is that God’s blessings come in the smallest of ways. Don’t miss them. We need to be watching or we will miss so much.

I found this little desk in a Craigslist ad for $25.
desk beforeDesk after I experimented with chalk paint for the very first time. I sanded and sanded and sanded some more. And then this little piece came alive. My creative juices are flowing and I can’t tell you how much fun this was! Ideas are flooding my mind with how I can dress up the entire space using the desk as my focal point. This little blessing from God will by my inspiration to add things to my space that I might have normally passed over. I think there is something to that. Sometimes we get so busy or stressed that we don’t take time to be inspired by the little things. But as we take time to notice, God takes time to show us. When that happens there is this flutter of joy inside me as I realized that He has done it once again. He has called me friend. And that’s when I realize that a desk really is so much more.