What’s 3000 Miles Between Friends?

There are two kinds of friends.
One who you expectantly bring through the front door and one who unexpectedly shows up and pops right through the garage door. I will explain, but before I do I feel like I must assure you that sometimes the front door is just closer, easier, and more accessible. Just because you have come in through my front door, does not make you a “front door friend.” Ok…let me explain…

How I Fell in Love with Jesus – Part 2

It was the spring of 1986. Back when “Spring Break” used to be called “Easter Vacation.” I sat in the Main Chapel of Mt. Gilled Bible Camp and listened as our speaker challenged us with truths from God’s Word. I honestly don’t remember

What Do You Want at the End of the Day?

Fifteen minutes with Jesus this morning. That was the only time I got to myself today until now. It all started by sitting with the 5th grader and learning more than I ever cared to know about Cleopatra, then I transitioned to sitting with the 9th grader learning…wait for it…