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Does Your Soul Need a Spa Day?

Something struck me in a new way today. I need Jesus EVERY day. I can’t save him up and use my “Jesus” reserves when I don’t make time to spend with him. Now, I’m pretty sure I don’t have a completely theologically sound argument here, but…

Hard Needs Compassion not Comparison

Hard is a reality of simply being on planet earth. Every single day we have to deal with something that is hard. It might be something as simple as figuring out what to make for dinner, or it could be as devastating as hundreds of lives being lost in a hurricane. Already, you are probably wondering…

Guest Post: When Your Heart’s Somewhere Else…

A week ago I sat in church still reeling from the events of the days in our very recent past. Hurricane Matthew came and went; I was in a fog-like, emotional state of all that had just happened and how miraculously our area was spared major destruction. Although there are parts that I will write about…

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